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Together with Alexandra, I started searching for mushrooms around 2010. Initially, we searched only for edible ones, and soon found our first ceps, champignons, parasols, and girolles.  We learnt more and more, first only due to the need to distinguish the edible from the poisonous ones, but then we became interested also in other aspects.


The beauty, the colors, and the sheer diversity of mushrooms overwhelmed us.  I would say, it is somehow comparable to the underwater world of a tropical coral reef, just that everything happens on the forest floor, maybe right next to where you live!

Below, I put together some of the most beautiful and impressive photos we shot. You can click the pictures if you want some more information on the species, where we found it, if we ate it, and so on.

Just keep in mind that before eating a mushroom, you should always consult an expert! 

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