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My love for skiing and ski mountaineering but also for trail running naturally led me to alpinism also in summer (though I would not call myself a climber in the first place).

After a few easy climbs during the last years, in 2022 I started to do some more serious tours. I don't like crowds, highly frequenced trails and mountain huts or artificial climbing aids such as mountain lifts and funiculars. This means my style includes light and fast one-day-tours with lots of elevation or bivouacing and self-catering huts. In addition, I try to go in off-season. I also don't like returning the very same way, so I prefer loops with the same start- and endpoints and mountain crossings (called "Überschreitungen" in German). The ultimate goal is to do difficult tours in "trailrunning style".

Below, I list some of the more recent tours I did.


Piz Buin (3312m) bike from Partenen (1000m) till Wiesbadener Hütte (2443m) and climb on the normal route via Ochsentaler Gletscher and Buinlücke.


Mont Blanc (4808m) valley-to-summit via Bosses ridge in two days from Les Houches with overnight stay at Gôuter Hut winter room.


Gran Paradiso (4061m) valley-to-summit in one day from Pont via normal route.


Watzmann (2713m) Überschreitung in trailrunning style (26kms, 2300m elevation gain).


Ortler (3905m) Überschreitung via Hintergrat (IV UIAA) and normal route (complete loop from Sulden, 20kms, 2000m elevation gain).


Vorder Gärstenhorn (3167m) Trailrun (III UIAA) from Grimselpass.


Weißmies (4017m) Überschreitung via Triftgrat (integral, incl. Trifthorn 3396m, IV UIAA) and Südgrat (complete loop from Saas Almagell, 19kms, 2200m elevation gain).


Lagginhorn (4010m) normal route (western ridge) in trailrunning style.


Olymp (Mitikas peak, 2918m)

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